Smart Optical Network Solution


Smart Optical Network Solution




The Smart optical network solution can help operators achieve capacity evolution, operation evolution and perception evolution, eventually achieve commercial success.


Capacity Evolution, Build a cornerstone for digitization

In terms of single-wave rate, FiberHome has increased the single-wave rate to 800G. In terms of single fiber capacity, FiberHome uses new optical components to realize C+L ultra-wide lanes and 120THz ultra-wide spectrum transmission services.

In terms of multi-service bearer: POTN of unified cell exchange realizes unified bearer of Ethernet, SDH, and OTN services, simplifies the network level, G.HAO's hitless bandwidth adjustment makes rigid pipes flexible, rigid and flexible, and improves bandwidth utilization rate.


Operation Evolution, optimal TCO network construction


The southbound standardized interface Netconf/YANG of CPE makes the deployment network of the CPE independent of the manufacturer.

Compared with traditional ROADM architecture, technologies such as OXC all-optical crossover technology, including optical flexible backplanes, highly integrated N-in-one boards, optical OAM based on optical tags, can effectively save 90% of the computer room space and 60% The power consumption can ultimately effectively reduce the construction cost of the operator’s computer room and the cost of electricity.


In terms of operation and maintenance, after the AI blessing, data collection, cleaning, data processing, realize the integration of management, control and analysis, and automate the entire life cycle of the optical network , Intelligent.


Perception Evolution,Provide “perceived " services


In terms of business perception, APP shows customers related information such as network topology, business status, and real-time performance to eliminate customer anxiety and give customers a friendly experience.

In terms of waiting-free service, fast-on-management enable simplified on-site activation without meter and configuration. One-click service delivery and minute-level commission realized by standard southbound interfaces and SDN controllers.