Large Capacity, Ultra-high-speed Optical Transmission Solutions

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Large Capacity, Ultra-high-speed Optical Transmission Solutions




General Description


With profound technical background, we offer an ultra-high-speed optical transmission technology. It has not only released the 3rd generation 100G solution, but also made world-class great achievements in cutting-edge research of basic optical transmission technology.


Solution Introduction & Advantages


For 100G, it has self-developed 100G Module & Chipset, as well as 100G Core Technologies, which shows excellent performance in the market. We offer The 1st unified XC core in China, the 1st 16nm hybrid-service chipset in the industry, and the fullest series of products in the industry. For example, the fonst 5000 U series OTN products have the best performance, the lowest power consumption, the largest capacities and beyond 100G solution.



What’s more, we offer  a lot of cutting-edge research and made great achievements so far. For example, in the beginning of 2017 FH announced the breaking news: the success of the 1st single-fiber 560Tbit/s system in the world, which can support 13 billion people’s online talking in the National Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication. Besides, Our Vendor have released self-developed coherent CFP core devices based on silicon photonics technology, to solve the bottleneck of Utra-BB transmission of B100G.The module has the highest domestic baud rate: 80GBaud, as well as CMOS compatible process, high production efficiency and reducing the cost of conventional discrete devices by 1/3.