IPTV/OTT Solution


IPTV/OTT solution uses advanced technical architecture, which is compatible with IPTV/OTT standard specification. It uses the latest computing and storage technology to provide a complete end-to-end IPTV/OTT solution and meet the trends of triple play and fixed-mobile convergence.


FiberHome IPTV/OTT solution includes four parts: Head End, Service Management Platform, CDN and Terminal.

       Headend device includes receiver, transcoder and DRM. Receiver and transcoder are mainly for transferring and transcoding of live TV streaming.


DRM (Digital Rights Management) is for content security, it encrypts content on server side and decrypt on terminal.


Service management platform includes following subsystem: CMS (Content Management System), OSS (Operation and Supporting system), AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), EPG (Electronic Program Guide), NMS (Network Management System), TVMS (TV Message) etc. Service management is mainly responsible for content management, production management, subscriber/user management, authentication, EPG management, network management, terminal management and so on.


CDN (Content Delivery Network) is mainly responsible for the content storage, content cache, content distribution, content management (with CMS), user request routing, streaming for end user and so on. CDN usually contains central node and edge node. Central node stores content and CDN can push the content to edge node. End-user just needs to get content from an appropriate edge node instead of central node because the edge node usually is closer to end-user than central node. For small size network, Central node also acts as edge node to provide streaming. For the large size network, the regional node is optional.


Terminal software for STB (Set Top Box) and mobile phone provides a portal to access system and visit the content.

        FiberHome IPTV/OTT solution has following advantages:


  • End to End Solution


FiberHome adopts the advanced technology to offer a complete end-to-end IPTV/OTT solution to customers. The solution covers live TV/Video encoding and transcoding, streaming and storage, and a full of service management system. With the powerful system integration ability, system can integrate with different 3rd party system easily.


  • Convergence

Convergence of IPTV and OTT: One system supports both IPTV and OTT, archiving the convergence of private and public network; Convergence of SD, HD and 4K: Advanced stream pushing capability. One system supports SD, HD and 4K services, and the customer has flexible choices according to different business requirements.Convergence of Broadband and Mobile network: One system supports both broadband and mobile network, realizing the integration of content, platform and network, unifying business operation and converging business experience.


  • Cloud


Decoupling hardware and software, using universal severs, and reducing hardware cost. Quick deploy the IPTV platform at current cloud platform, fully realize the old asset and protect the customer investment.Support cloud platform resource scheduling, such as cloud transfer system, cloud content distribution, etc.Support network function virtualizing (NFV) and software definition network (SDN) to comply with the continuous evolution of carriers.


  • Full Services


System provides rich audio and video services such as Live TV, Radio, Video On-Demand (VOD), Near VOD (VCC), Time Shift TV (TSTV), Catch-up and multi-screen services.


It also provides innovative and differentiated value-added services such as information browsing, interactive advertising, TV message, questionnaire, vote, interactive games, interactive guessing game, and online transactions,etc.